protecting your property from leaks, floods and overflows


Features of the Rialco Flood Alarm:

The Rialco Flood Alarm is specially designed to monitor homes and commercial properties to alert you to overflows, leaks or water trouble. It has an endless number of uses and can save thousands of dollars in water damage.

  • Made of high quality materials and reliable construction methods, the RFA operates on a 9-volt battery (included) to sound the 85 decibel horn when the end of the sensor arm contacts water.

  • Comes equipped with a low battery warning and a power indicating LED.

  • Flexible sensor arm can bend and reach into small and awkward spaces. It can also hold any shape and be self-supporting.

  • Includes a bracket and screws for easy installation. It can be used portably or in a fixed position.
    Manufactured in Canada with heavy guage ABS plastic, the components are screwed together (not snapped together).

  • The Flood Alarm comes with a full money back, one-year guarantee.


The Rialco Flood Alarm is now available with varying length sensor arms. Up to 50 feet available. Contact us for more information.



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