protecting your property from leaks, floods and overflows


How can the Rialco Flood Alarm help you?

The Flood Alarm was designed with two uses in mind.  It can help you monitor water levels and help prevent floods.

Monitoring Water Levels
  • The Rialco Flood Alarm will let you know when your bathtub reaches the fill level you want.

  • The audible horn can be heard throughout the home. It makes an excellent device for the elderly and caregivers.

  • Many companies rely on the Rialco flood alarm system to monitor tanks and bulk storage. Some of the users include photo development labs, landscapers, pools & spa companies, aquarium operators, etc.


Flood Prevention

  • A Rialco Flood Alarm hanging over your laundry tub can alert you to a clogged drain before the water ends up on your floor.

  • Installing a Rialco Flood Alarm in your sump pit is a reliable way to ensure your sump pump is working.

  •  Place the Rialco Flood Alarm next to your water heater's overflow valve.


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